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Every Tip You Need to Be Ready for Deer Season

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Deer season is right around the corner. Here’s every tip you need to be ready for it.

There are so many tips thrown out there when it comes to deer hunting. They vary from archery tips, trail camera tips, to rut hunting tips. Here is a comprehensive list of the most important tips to be ready for the upcoming season.

1. Hunt smarter, not harder

Looking at the calendar ad planning your hunts? This fall, go for more quality hunting, opposed to hunting as many days as you can, the quality of your hunts will go up as well.

2. Don’t be afraid to move

If one spot isn’t producing, don’t be loyal to a certain tree. Switch up your location.

3. Don’t rely on trail cameras

Trail cameras are a great tool, and we all love getting pictures of big bucks. Trail cameras aren’t able to tell the full story, use some woodsmanship as well.

4. Practice how you hunt

This applies mostly to shooting your bow. If you always are wearing gloves during the hunting season, practice with gloves on. If you always wear your facemask, wear it practicing as well.

5. Don’t cut too much

Instead of clear cutting an area around your tree stand and spooking deer, try cutting certain twigs and branches to open up small lanes to get a shot through.

6. Study last year’s photos

Bucks tend to do similar things from year to year. Instead of waiting to get pictures of that big buck this year, get one step ahead of him by studying what he did last year, and be waiting for him in a tree, ready to strike.

7. Read. More than you think you should.

There are so many creative ideas on how to successfully harvest mature bucks on the internet and in magazines. Take a night or two and indulge as much as you can, you might just learn something that you can put to use.

8. Become OCD about everything

If you look at some of the most successful deer hunters and make a chart of characteristics, you will find a similar one they all share is most likely that they are OCD about everything from checking gear to how they play the wind.

9. Don’t get lazy

It’s unbelievably easy.  The difference between how much you pay attention to the details on opening day, and mid-November usually is a big difference. Stay true to the details even when your worn out from a week of sitting sun up to sun down.

10. Don’t pull back too much weight

Not everyone has to pull back 70 pounds with their bow. If you have your weight set too high, it can be difficult to pull it back when you’ve been sitting in the stand for hours and are shaking from the bitter cold.

11. Scent matters

The number one reason hunters are busted from the stand is improper scent control. Go to the extremes and still play the wind, and you will see your success rate go up.

12. Follow the deer

Deer change their patterns throughout the season and so should you. In September, focus on the green fields, and in October, when there is a mass crop, head back to the acorns. When November rolls around, get close to the doe bedding areas, and during late season find the preferred food source.

13. Optics

Always having a pair of binoculars on is critical, even when hunting in the timber. Being able to identify deer from a distance can aid in getting ready to make the shot.

14. Practice for the moment of truth

When a big buck finally presents a shot, it is usually full of adrenaline and nerve racking. By shooting under pressure in the summer with friends, it can help prepare you for the feelings you will experience during an actual encounter.

15. Don’t be surprised when it happens

A common mistake people make when missing a deer is that they never thought it would actually happen, and weren’t prepared. This year, mentally prepare yourself and expect to see that big buck every time you hunt.

16. Adjust your expectations

Just because everyone on TV shoots giants doesn’t mean you will. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t shoot a monster every year, and adjust your expectations to your surroundings.

17. New hunting property

Always be on the lookout for new hunting spots. There is usually always somewhere better than where you hunt, and finding them can pay huge dividends.

18. Don’t get caught up on sign

Too many people get caught up in scrapes and rubs during the rut. Remember that most sign is laid during the cover of darkness, and it doesn’t guarantee a big buck sighting.

19. Work hard

Like most things in life, the people that work the hardest, are usually the most successful. Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile (literally) if you want to harvest a big mature buck.

20. Have fun

Don’t forget, deer hunting is supposed to be fun. Don’t ever lose sight of that.

Hopefully you can apply a few of these tips, and this deer season is the best that you’ve ever experienced.

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Every Tip You Need to Be Ready for Deer Season