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Elk Invade This Colorado Town Every Summer [VIDEO]

From June to October, Estes Park, Colorado becomes “Elk Town.”

The male elk come to the mountain resort town to mate with female elk, which hang out year round in the urban grasslands around Estes Park.

When the boys come to town, things get rowdy. Elk bulls battle each other for dominance on busy city streets and parks. It’s normal to see huge bulls holding up traffic and wandering around downtown areas.

These male elk are full of piss and vinegar, and they don’t give a hoot if people are nearby.

In this video from BBC 1, you’ll see what it’s like to live in Estes Park during the rut.

Many tourists think the elk are tame, and sometimes they toy with the animals. Obviously, that’s a really bad idea. Bull elk are mean beasts during the rut, and they will charge to kill.

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Estes Park residents have adapted to the annual elk invaders, and they make due with the craziness.

The town also celebrates the elk rut in early October with their annual Elk Fest.

Are you ready for the upcoming elk season? 

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Elk Invade This Colorado Town Every Summer [VIDEO]