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Every Hunter's Dream Deer Hunting Field [VIDEO]

This video does a great job of capturing what a dream deer hunting field looks like.

What is the most important factor in your dream deer hunting field? Deer of course! Most hunters can only imagine sitting in a stand or blind and seeing the image of hundreds of deer in their deer hunting field.

That is exactly the kind of field that one person managed to find and fortunately filmed for the rest of us to watch and enjoy. Check out this dream come true in the video below.

That's some amazing footage of what is simply an unbelievable number of deer hanging out in one field. The video also has some other interesting aspects besides the sheer number of deer. Why in the world are they standing in line to cross the fence? Being cautious is one thing, maybe they tried to send one or two deer over first to make sure it is safe; but it appears that they are quite literally standing in line to cross the fence.

The other mystery with this video is what spooked the deer to make them come back over the fence in such a hurry? If you look closely at the house in the background you can see a person walk out the door and move around. This does not appear to disturb the deer; so what does?

No matter the answers to these mysterious circumstances, this makes for a great video, and is a dream deer hunting field for sure.

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Every Hunter's Dream Deer Hunting Field [VIDEO]