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Every Hunter Has a Jacket, So Get Them This Pair of Chinook Pants as the Ultimate Gift

Kuiu Chinook Pant

The Chinook pant from KUIU might be the most versatile hunting pant available today.

It’s almost a prerequisite. You need camo gear to go hunting. The market is full of great options for hunting coats, jackets, and bottoms. With so many options available, we felt the need to make your Christmas shopping a bit easier and give you the one pant to satisfy all the hunting needs of your friends and family.

The Chinook pant from KUIU is incredibly versatile. This lightweight pant has more features than your grandma’s new Mercedes.

With a weight of 17.5 oz, the pant’s outer layer is a soft shell nylon fabric from the brand’s Stunner Stretch line. Inside the pant, a micro-check fabric offers warmth and breath-ability.

Dual zippered pockets and welded knee pads help make the Chinook one of KUIU’s most technically advanced pants available. Founder Jason Hairston admits that he takes the Chinook on as much as 80% of his hunts.

This pant is available in both the Verde and Vias camouflage patterns. Due to its lightweight construction and layering capabilities, this pant will perform all season long for the hunter in your life.

As with all of KUIU’s products, they are only available online. This direct-to-consumer model allows the company to offer top quality products at competitive prices.

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Every Hunter Has a Jacket, So Get Them This Pair of Chinook Pants as the Ultimate Gift