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Every Fly Fisherman Should Learn the Blood Knot [VIDEO]

The blood knot is one of the best ways to connect the leader to the line.

It’s a tough knot that maintains the strength of both lines, and leaves a straight, low-profile connection that can easily move through fly rods.

This video from Angler University shows how to tie the blood knot step by step. It can be a tricky knot to learn, but this video does a great job of simplifying the process.

More helpful knot videos:

What other knots do you think are equally useful? Whether it’s for fly fishing or not, we’re always open to hearing what ideas you have, and what kind of knots you’re interested in learning.

Leave your comments below and let us know what knots you’d like to learn how to tie.

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Every Fly Fisherman Should Learn the Blood Knot [VIDEO]