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How Every Deer Hunter Feels Entering Deer Season [VIDEO]

‘I will find you, and I will kill you.’

Have you seen the movie “Taken?” Even if you haven’t, you’re probably still familiar with the suspenseful scene when Liam Neeson condemns the men who have taken his daughter.

Hunters share the same feeling under a few circumstances. You might catch yourself saying this after seeing a trophy buck on your trail camera.

Hunting a specific buck going into the season is like a game of cat-and-mouse, except this game takes months and endless hours of trying to outsmart a specific buck. However, nothing is more rewarding than a plan coming together and tagging a buck of a lifetime.

Make it a personal mission to make this season count. That doesn’t mean just hunting down the biggest buck on the property, but maybe introducing someone else to the great outdoors.

Good luck this season!

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How Every Deer Hunter Feels Entering Deer Season [VIDEO]