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20 Awesome Every Day Carry Gift Ideas from Brownells

Take a look at these fantastic every day carry gift ideas from Brownells, the world’s largest supplier of firearm parts, accessories and tools.


If you or someone you know has recently earned their carry permit, and is interested in gaining more experience and knowledge in the “every day carry” world, Brownells has you covered.

These items, every one of which would make a fantastic holiday gift idea (to put on your list or give someone else!), are available from the leader in firearm supplies and tactical, useful survival and emergency equipment.

Check out these picks from Brownells, and consider getting them for the handgun carrier in your family or group of friends.

Ka Bar TDI Law Enforcement Knife

Lightweight and strong, this Ka Bar TDI Law Enforcement Knife is nothing to mess around with.

There are plenty more knives available here.

Statgear T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool

The Statgear T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool has a belt cutter, window punch, LED light, a 3.25″ serrated blade and a stainless steel belt clip.

View more knives here.

Fenix Compact Flashlight

Fenix Compact Flashlight will keep you in the clear when the lights go dark or the grid goes down.

More lights can be found here.

Brownells Versatile Light

If your Brownells Versatile Light is on hand, you’re never going to be in as bad of shape as you think.

Check out more lights here.

Rail Master with CRKT Tool

The Rail Master from Crimson Trace is the ultimate firearm accessory, and it comes with a multi-tool with tons of uses.

Top Cop OC Spray

Designed for law enforcement, the Top Cop OC Spray will disorient any assailant.

Taser C2 Gold Kit

When a gun isn’t needed or available, self defense is still entirely possible with the Taser C2 Gold Kit.

All of Brownells’ alternative self -defense supplies can be found here.

Sig Sauer Elite Performance Ammo

Grab some Sig Sauer Elite Performance Ammo and take advantage of the V-Crown hollow point technology. Big time take down power.

Check out more handgun ammo here.

Ruger LCP 380ACP Magazine

When capacity matters, a Ruger LCP 380ACP Magazine in 6- or 7-round style makes a big difference.

There are more handgun magazines to peruse here.

Semi-Auto Summer Special 2 Holster

A good every day carry holster needs to address lots of goals. Try the Semi-Auto Summer Special 2 Holster from Milt Sparks.

See more holsters and accessory options from Brownells here.

Techna Clips

Techna Clips will help keep things secure and attach directly to your handgun. No holster necessary.

Here are more holsters and attachment accessories from Brownells.

Pocket Protector Holster

Pocket Protector Holster from Galco International is designed to help keep your handgun in your front pants pocket without problems.

The rest of the holsters and attachment accessories can be found here.

Bighorn Sportsman Series First Aid Kit

If you’re carrying weapons and survival supplies every day, it only makes sense to add first aid kits to your collection. This Bighorn Sportsman Series Kit is built for long wilderness trips, but can double as a vehicle or Go Bag kit as well.

For all of Brownells’ emergency survival gear, click here.

Hazard 4 Tactical iPad Sleeve

Hazard 4 Tactical iPad Sleeve is just what the doctor ordered, with an elastic shock cord closure and Molle loops for magazines to be attached.

Kodiak Gearslinger Bag

Get a Kodiak Gearslinger Bag for someone this Christmas, and you’ll be thanked until you can’t stand it.

Valor Safety Glasses

If you want shooting glasses that don’t look like shooting glasses, score these Valor Safety Glasses.

Gerber Sight Tool Multitool

This Gerber Sight Tool Multitool has everything you’ll need.

See more multitools here.

Lifestraw Go Bottle

Anyone who’s concerned with safety and survival knows that good old H2O is probably the most important factor. Get a Lifestraw Go Bottle and you won’t have to worry.

See more hydration and filtration gear here.

Brownells Eddy Bottle

Brownells Eddy Bottle from Camelback makes a pretty great gift.

See more hydration and filtration gear here.

Brownells Travel Mug

The stainless steel Brownells Travel Mug will keep beverages at the right temperature, and look perfect wrapped underneath a tree.

Enjoyed those selections?

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20 Awesome Every Day Carry Gift Ideas from Brownells