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Every Day Carry Considerations for Your Personal Defense

Every day carry considerations that can save lives with gear that goes beyond just a gun.

Watch as Cory and Erika, hosts of Range Time TS, go over some of the items they use for Every Day Carry, or EDC, as it is commonly known.

Have a look as they go over some practical considerations to make sure you are ready for an emergency situation.

They go well beyond just their favorite handgun for concealed carry, as they also cover such things as pocket knives, flashlights and First Aid kits.

Now that is an in-depth look and overview of gear for Every Day Carry considerations. Clearly not everything they demo is on their body, however, some items such as their medical kit is in their vehicle but within close proximity when needed.

There is no requirement to load down like its the zombie apocalypse but having a few items, not just for personal defense, but also for emergency situations can save lives.

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Every Day Carry Considerations for Your Personal Defense