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Every Angler Needs to Listen to This Fishing Poem [VIDEO]

This fishing poem says what most anglers know to be true; that fishing offers a unique experience that can’t be matched.

“Testament of a Fisherman” by John Voelker (penname Robert Traver) was written in 1964. Voelker was an avid fly fisherman and is a member of the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame. Although his poem was written over 50 years ago, it hasn’t lost any of its meaning or power.

It may be focused on the art of fly fishing, but every angler will have chills by the end of this poem.

The accuracy of Voelker’s words even five decades later is truly astounding. This video does a great job of exemplifying that hard to define feeling that fishing offers each and every angler.

It is not always about the catch and that is an important reminder for everyone. Especially in this increasingly hectic and competitive world.

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Every Angler Needs to Listen to This Fishing Poem [VIDEO]