Everglades Camp Home
YouTube: AnchorDownBoat

Isolated Home in the Middle of the Everglades Has Alligators For Neighbors

Hope you enjoy having scaly, toothy neighbors!

Even though we humans are social animals, we also love our peace and serenity from time to time. As a result, many people have gone above and beyond to build homes in isolated places as far away from other people as possible. It's a great way to reconnect with nature and make memories with family and friends.

Some people take the concept for a vacation house or cabin to a completely different extreme. Take the house in this video as a prime example. This house/fishing/hunting cabin is isolated deep within the wilderness of the Everglades in Florida.

There are no trees, just reeds and swamp for miles in any direction. There are only two ways to reach this incredible home. Helicopter or fan boat! The video below gives a nice tour of the facilities.

One must really love the swamps to build in a location like this! We're curious how they even got started and how the house is stabilized in a swamp. It was obviously built well to have been there for more than 30 years already. We're also curious how that full bathroom works way out in the swamp. It did not look like the composting toilets we're are used to seeing in an off-the-grid setup like this.

Even in the high drone shots, we couldn't see any homes for miles. Talk about an isolated spot! It would be a prime place to go with a store of food during a zombie apocalypse. Hey, we're just saying. We love the fish cleaning stations and all the available sleeping areas. There's room for even large families to have a ton of fun here.

If you love to bass fish or hunt for alligators, it seems this spot would be a little slice of heaven. We'd love for the chance just to spend a weekend there exploring the wilderness. So long as you're not afraid of alligators and likely snakes, it looks like it would be a ton of fun.

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