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Have You Ever Wondered What the Extra Hole in Your Boots Is For? [VIDEO]

extra hole

Many of the shoes we wear have an extra hole at the top of the laces and most of us never use it. Find out what the extra hole is for and how to use it correctly.

Many of the pairs of hunting or hiking boots that we wear out into the woods, and almost all of the running shoes we wear to keep in hunting shape in the off-season all have one feature that many people have always ignored . . . an extra hole.

That extra hole at the very top of your shoelaces can make a major difference in the fit of your shoe or boot if you know how to use it correctly. Check out this video explaining exactly how to use the extra hole to get a better fit out of your shoe.

It is amazing how something so simple can make such a big difference in the fit and comfort of our shoes and boots but over the long run if you are out hiking or hunting all day, that difference will really pay off.

Go check out your shoes and boots, if you are lucky enough to have a pair with the extra hole give this trick a shot and judge for yourself the next time you hit the woods or trails.

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Have You Ever Wondered What the Extra Hole in Your Boots Is For? [VIDEO]