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Ever Wonder How Hunting with Guns Stacks Up Against Other Dangerous Sports? [PICS]

One of the most common phrases hunters hear from anti-hunters is that hunting with guns is dangerous to everyone, not just the hunters.

I guess that argument makes sense considering that guns fire bullets, and most deer properties are within eye-shot of a house. It's not just that, either. A bunch of hunters walking around the woods shooting at animals just can't be safe, right?

Well, the statistics tell a different story.

As taken directly from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, hunting is one of the safest of all sports. When you get right down to it, it's not even close.

For example, if you are looking for the most common outdoor activities that are more dangerous than hunting with guns, see below and try not to laugh.


So what about activities that are on par with hunting with a gun? Again, please try keep your laughter at a minimum.


So where do anti-hunters get all their propaganda from regarding how dangerous hunting is? From organizations out there like C.A.S.H, who does its best to cast hunting with guns in a false light. It's easy to see how, without facts, one could be swayed in the other direction.

Luckily for us, however, actual numbers and statistics are out there to prove how safe hunting with guns really is, instead of creating policy based on half-baked claims from emotions.

When you take into consideration that a person is 25 times more likely to be get seriously hurt cheerleading, I think we can put this one to bed.

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Ever Wonder How Hunting with Guns Stacks Up Against Other Dangerous Sports? [PICS]