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Ever Wonder How Wild North America Is? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ever wonder how wild your continent is? Here are the numbers comparing wilderness populations and the ecological impact of North America. 

Have you ever been sitting around wondering how many people there are compared to bald eagles in North America?

I know I’ve definitely thought to myself, “How many beavers are in our rivers compared to Americans?”

Well, luckily this infographic answers questions about how wild North America really is.

Basically, Canada has the U.S. kind of beat in the global forests department.


36 percent of the U.S. has been untouched by human activity and development. That’s pretty great.

Sure, Canada has 82 percent but that is one wild country.

It’s hard to believe Mexico only has 18 percent of land untouched by human activity. Those deserts are pretty expansive.

But all in all, North America is generally pretty wild. I’m sure compared to other continents on Earth, North America’s wilderness numbers are pretty healthy.

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Ever Wonder How Wild North America Is? [INFOGRAPHIC]