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Ever Watch a Whitetail Deer Chew Its Cud? [VIDEO]

Justin Hoffman

I wonder if deer ever grow tired of all that chewing! Watch as this buck chews its cud while relaxing on a nice fall day.

Deer have a four-chambered stomach. This system is needed in order to process the large quantities of low nutrient food that they eat.

The rumen, which is the first chamber, is for storage. This refrigerator, of sorts, allows a deer to gather a lot of food at once – then digest it later.

“Chewing their cud” is a term used when food is brought back into their mouths in order to chew it again.

Watch as this buck demonstrates in fine detail.

You have to give them credit. It’s definitely one way to save on the grocery bill.

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Ever Watch a Whitetail Deer Chew Its Cud? [VIDEO]