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Have You Ever Wanted to Be a Professional Fly Fishing Guide?

The Colorado Angler fly fishing guide school helps prepare those who want to get into professional guiding.

The last decade has seen an increase in the opening of fly fishing guide schools and hunting guide schools across the U.S., with the majority of them being in the west. This is to meet an increasing demand in the hunting and fishing industry to raise standards and provide the best possible experience for the increasing adventure tourism market.

What serious fly fishing angler has not dreamed of quitting their day job, getting out from behind a desk and turning their passion into a profession. Have a look at this specific school, the Colorado Angler, and how they prepare their students for professional guiding.

There you have it, a fly fishing guide school that not only teaches fishing, but also drift boat and raft handling along with even such nuanced skills has how to launch and retrieve a boat from a truck and trailer.

There are a number of reputable fly fishing guide schools in the U.S. and the beauty of the Internet is that you can carefully research them and get feedback before making a significant cash contribution to get  on a course. One good indicator I go by is if a school offers attendance under the G.I. Bill. The G.I. Bill is a a great incentive for Armed Forces veterans that subsidies second career training, and if a school offers it it demonstrates that they have met the standards required to be approved under the G.I. Bill.

For most of us, becoming a professional guide will be a good day dream, but for a few, they truly will make it their profession.


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Have You Ever Wanted to Be a Professional Fly Fishing Guide?