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Ever Used a Wild Whitetail as an Alarm Clock?


Some Arkansas residents had an unusual wake-up call.

A Farmington couple was soundly sleeping in bed early one morning, when they heard a noise they didn’t want to hear.

Was someone breaking into their house? Had something simply fallen over?

Or could it be a whitetail alarm clock just dropping in to say hello? Watch the unbelievable video below.

Surely there are easier and less expensive ways to wake yourself up, right?

The couple did things right. They blocked off access to the rest of the house while one of them slowly approached the door to open it and provide a true escape route. They used calming words and didn’t move too fast to overly excite the whitetail.

And best of all? They filmed it so all the neighbors would believe them.

But despite all of that, it turns out that deer can cause a lot of damage in a residential setting. Like the roadkill scene from “Tommy Boy” (spoiler alert), the whitetail still managed to mangle the Christmas tree, break a window, and generally create a mess.

Although it doesn’t happen very often, it’s likely that the whitetail couldn’t see the reflection of the window. After crashing through, it couldn’t find its way back out.

How do you think you’d react if a deer jumped into your living room to wake you up one morning. Hopefully you’d have the wherewithal to film it on your phone!

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Ever Used a Wild Whitetail as an Alarm Clock?