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Ever Used a Topwater “Whopper Plopper” Lure?


The LakeForkGuy discusses the “Whopper Plopper” lure and catches his first bass with one. 

There’s nothing quite like fishing topwater baits for bass. Just seeing them violently break the surface as they engulf lures like the “Whopper Plopper” really gets your blood flowing.

The “Whopper Plopper” is a sort of hybrid topwater lure that combines the actions of a buzzbait and spook. It was originally designed by Larry Dahlburg to fish for muskie, but River2Sea has since shrunk it down to allow uses in bass fishing.

Justin Rackley, also known as the LakeForkGuy, decided he was going to cross catching a bass with one of these off his list. Check it out as he finally catches a bass with one and explains a little more about the lure.

I am glad Rackley did catch a bass on one, just to show they are effective. I really like that he brought up the point about confidence in new baits.

One bad habit I think all anglers have is not taking the time to learn to fish new baits. We always return to fishing our favorites after not catching anything on a few casts of the new lure, even though we know a little practice can pay off in the long term.

Over the last few years, I’ve been trying to break this habit, personally. In the spring, I like to choose one new lure I’ve never used before and put in some time learning the ins and outs of the techniques required for it. I then make sure to dedicate some amount of every fishing trip throughout the year to using that lure until I become comfortable with it.

This is a fantastic way to build up confidence across the board as well as expand your knowledge beyond that of the average fisherman.

Why not start by learning to use the “Whopper Plopper” like LakeForkGuy?

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Ever Used a Topwater “Whopper Plopper” Lure?