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Know How to Use a Cast Net? This Video Makes It Look Easy [VIDEO]

A cast net can be one of the most valuable fishing tools you’ve ever owned, if you can use it correctly.

Why should you learn how to throw a cast net?

Simply because it catches all kinds of bait for different kinds of fishing. This is free bait, by the way.

A cast net is relatively simple to use and with some guidance from this video, you will be throwing a perfect pancake every time.

In this video, the instructor was using a six-foot cast net, referring to the diameter. The nets come in different sizes, some smaller and some larger. What you will need really depends on what bait you are trying to catch. The difference you need to worry about, though, is size and weight.

Not only do larger nets take more skill to throw, but they are also heavier. Many beginning fisherman bite off more than they can chew.

When using a bigger net, it takes more strength and more skill to throw the net and get the perfect pancake.

Most people can’t pancake a 10-foot net on their first go-around. This results in them having to make multiple throws and by the time they have the bait they want, exhaustion has set in and the fishing is ruined.

Make sure to start off small. There is nothing wrong with throwing a smaller net. In fact, it might even yield more bait and a more pleasant day fishing.

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Know How to Use a Cast Net? This Video Makes It Look Easy [VIDEO]