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Have You Ever Tried Worm Grunting for Your Fishing Bait? [VIDEO]

Is “Professional Worm Grunter” not one of the more interesting job titles you’ve ever heard?

Coaxing angling worms and nightcrawlers out of the ground by “buzzing” or vibrating the ground is an old technique for harvesting worms for fishing bait. But these fellows have refined the technique to the point where they’ve been able to make a living at it.

Down south they apparently call it “worm grunting,” which seems an appropriate name for the sounds that are produced when these worm grunters rub large flat irons over the top of wooden stakes that have been driven into the earth.

The effect is to vibrate the ground, which in turn compels the earthworms to exit their burrows and rise to the surface in order to escape the uncomfortable feeling the “grunting” produces.

The sounds created by the metal rubbing on wood are indeed reminiscent of some sort of grunting animal.

While the men who do the job admit that they’re not getting rich, Professional Worm Grunter has got to be one of the most interesting resume entries we’ve heard.

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Have You Ever Tried Worm Grunting for Your Fishing Bait? [VIDEO]