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Have You Ever Tried Bowhunting Frogs?

Bowhunting frogs isn’t as exciting as tagging a huge whitetail, but it’s a whole lot of fun.

Bowhunting frogs is a great way to keep your shooting in shape so, when seasons for big game roll around, you’ll be ready. It’s also a great way to get some fresh meat for dinner.

Tag along with Shane and Ryan from Leatherwoods Outdoors and see just how fun bowhunting frogs really is.

If you want to try bowhunting frogs for yourself, you’ll need a little specialized equipment. First, you need a Judo style tip for your arrows. These tips help your arrows stay in frogs you hit and keep your arrow from burying itself in pond mud if you miss. Second, arrows with brightly colored fletchings will help you see and retrieve them, even when they are submerged.

Whether you choose bowhunting frogs or a friendly backyard challenge with friends, now’s the time to get your archery skills in tune. Don’t wait until the week before the season to pull the bow from your case and you’ll be telling success stories this fall instead of the old tale about the one that got away.


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Have You Ever Tried Bowhunting Frogs?