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Ever Tried the BowBlade? [VIDEO]

Now you can combine your love of archery with the world of gaming... and get a workout at the same time.

While the world is full of accessories for your smartphone or tablet, not all are created equal; nor are there many that appeal to archers & hunters.

The BowBlade, however, offers a way for you to channel your inner Katniss Everdeen straight onto your Apple or Android device.

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The BowBlade is an iOS & Android-compatible gaming accessory with over 80 compatible apps that looks (sorta) and functions like a real bow. You draw it like a real bow and releasing the trigger engages a stylus that's pointed at your device's screen. It provides a fully interactive gaming experience- aiming the bow is accomplished by moving your body- that simulates the thrill of archery. The BowBlade can also be connected to a T.V. using Apple T.V. or other streaming devices, for hours of fun for the entire family.

Creators of the BowBlade claim that the device also offers a great workout. While its 20 or 30-pound draw weight may not sound like much, imagine the workout from repeatedly drawing the BowBlade over and over again. Resistance varies by model, making it great for men, women, children, and seniors as well.

While we've never tried the BowBlade for ourselves, the chance of bringing a love of archery to your living room is an opportunity that many will find hard to resist.

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Ever Tried the BowBlade? [VIDEO]