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Ever Thought About Dual Wielding a Couple Glocks? [VIDEO]

Dual wielding may not be the most effective way to shoot but it sure looks like fun…

I can remember as a kid watching Jean Claude Van Damme in Double Impact rolling around on the ground dual wielding a couple 9mm Berettas. He would accurately hit his mark while upside down and backwards, probably doing the splits, when his enemy couldn’t touch him with a single bullet… and they normally had automatic weapons.

Even as a kid, though it looked cool, I knew it wasn’t an accurate portrayal of shooting.

Nowadays there are also numerous video games where you can carry two pistols like this but have you ever actually done it?

After watching this video you may want to give dual wielding a try.

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But remember, as the video states:

Dual wielding of handguns has long been made popular in movies and TV shows. It is shown for action effect, however, in a real-life personal self-defense scenario, the tactic is dangerous and not very practical.

Controlled demonstration with the 9mm Glock 19, 115 gr FMJ on 18″ x 24″ steel targets. Distances are 35 to 50 feet. Private property with natural backstops. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS UNLESS YOU ARE HIGHLY PROFICIENT WITH FIREARMS, AND IN A SAFE SETTING.

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Ever Thought About Dual Wielding a Couple Glocks? [VIDEO]