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Have You Ever Seen a Wild Rabbit Fight? [VIDEO]

wild rabbit fight

Rabbits are known for being one of nature’s most gentle creatures, but just like the rest of us, they get angry too. So, have you ever seen a wild rabbit fight? Here’s your chance.

When a wild rabbit fight breaks out, stop what you are doing and have your camera ready to catch the madness on film.

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While the cause of this epic brawl has yet to be identified, we are quite sure it was over something of vast importance, like, who got to play Peter Cottontail in this year’s school play. Whatever the cause, the result of this wild rabbit fight is something you have to see.


Whoever thought to add this soundtrack to this wild rabbit fight should probably be nominated for some kind of award because it makes the video pretty epic.

All I know is, I am going to be watching those little rabbits a little closer from now on just in case something like this goes down.

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Have You Ever Seen a Wild Rabbit Fight? [VIDEO]