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Ever Seen a Water Buffalo and Bull Elk Fight Before? [VIDEO]

Watching a water buffalo and bull elk fight isn’t usually something you can expect to see, but these two put on quite the show for the spectators.

There isn’t much description or context for this video, but it’s clearly on some sort of game reserve.

The water buffalo and bull elk certainly don’t mind putting on a show for the camera, and though these probably aren’t free roaming animals, it’s a pretty cool sight to see two different species sparring like this.

This was not a knock-down drag-out fight, it seems to be just some harmless sparring going on between these two. The water buffalo clearly outweighs the young bull and in the end he sends the elk running the opposite direction.

It must have been an awesome experience to see this going on in person, and I can only imagine how cool it would have been if it was a mature bull elk fighting the water buffalo.

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Who knows what the outcome would have been…

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Ever Seen a Water Buffalo and Bull Elk Fight Before? [VIDEO]