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Ever Seen a Turkey Sleep in a Field? [VIDEO]

Turkey sleep in a field

I have seen some turkeys do some crazy things in my day, but never quite as crazy as what is in this video.

We all know that turkeys roost in trees. But apparently they also take naps directly in the middle of day.

Check out what happens when one guy sees a turkey standing still in the middle of a field and gets a little closer to check it out.

It is quite amazing that he was able to get that close to the bird, even if he was asleep.

This guy has a story that he will be telling for years to come, and the sleepy bird will probably think twice about where he naps next time.

Whats the craziest thing you have ever seen a turkey do? How would you compare it to seeing a turkey sleep in a field?

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Ever Seen a Turkey Sleep in a Field? [VIDEO]