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Have You Ever Seen a T-Rex Fishing? Now You Have

Some guy in a dinosaur outfit just proved that we’ll do anything to catch fish. So, just where do we get a T-rex suit anyway?

Remember when you asked mom and dad for that Tyrannosaurus rex outfit so you could go fishing in it?

Well, gone are the days of cruising through the aisles at your local Bass Pro Shops store to find that one lure that will change the game and put fish on the stringer.

You didn’t realize that all you really needed was a change of clothing, and the littlest arms.

I don’t care what anybody says, that’s 15 seconds of funny! Not for nothing, but that fish was pretty darn big! Where the hell is the rest of the video? I wanted to see what that fish was.

You can hear some old hound dog bay right at the end, but then again it might have sounded just like a T-rex catching a fish. We’ll never know.

What’s next, deer hunting with golf clubs?


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Have You Ever Seen a T-Rex Fishing? Now You Have