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Have You Ever Seen a Snake-Eating Spider? [VIDEO]

Behold, a snake-eating spider. Sorry if you can't sleep tonight. 

Wow. Just wow. I'm not sure what else to write about this videoI know Australia is pretty famous for strange and wild looking looking animals as well as some of the most dangerous on the planet but who would have thought, a snake-eating spider?

If you may suffer from arachnophobia, this would be a good time to look away and not play the video below. If not, be prepared for a giant spider, a hapless snake, and pretty epic background music.

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From a little research, this spider is actually a golden orb weaver found near Cairns, but these spiders are all over Australia.

Apparently this snake fell into the orb weaver's web and couldn't free itself. As the snake wore down from struggling, the spider made its move, injecting the snake with its venom.

It's crazy to see how paralyzed the snake is from the orb weaver's venom. That venom is dangerous stuff.

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Have You Ever Seen a Snake-Eating Spider? [VIDEO]