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Have You Ever Seen Slurpee Waves? This Photographer Has

slurpee waves

Slurpee waves are a rare occurrence, and lucky for you, a photographer was there to capture some on camera.

It’s not everyday that one can say they’ve seen slurpee waves hitting the beach, but luckily this guy had his camera ready.

The photo below was originally taken by Jonathan Nimerfroh, a photographer/surfer, in Nantucket last year.

Jonathan Nimerfroh
Jonathan Nimerfroh

The surfer/photographer recalls seeing something strange on the horizon that day and when he got closer, he could see the ocean was starting to freeze.

He told reporters, “The high temp that day was around 19 degrees. The wind was howling from southwest, which would typically make rough or choppy conditions not so good for surfing but since the surface of the sea was frozen slush the wind did not change the shape. They were perfect dreamy slush waves. Most waves were around two feet with some larger sets slushing thru around three foot or waist high.”

The next day he returned to find the ocean frozen solid, and after asking around, he discovered the slurpee waves were a first for everyone there.


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Have You Ever Seen Slurpee Waves? This Photographer Has