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Ever Seen a Hot Air Balloon Machine Gun? Now You Have [VIDEO]

You wouldn’t think guns and balloons mix so well.

The Maxim IMG Zeppelin Gun was a machine gun specifically set up for firing from a zeppelin. While we think of hot air balloons as novelty craft that fly over stadiums, at one point they were major players in air power. See what this old hot air balloon machine gun is all about.

Hot air balloons first saw use in warfare during the American Civil War to observe troop movements. Troops brought a rifle aloft with them to fire down on the enemy.

During WWI, zeppelins and balloons were used to spot for artillery and even as aerial bombers. They could fly higher and farther, and with greater payloads than the primitive airplanes of the time. However, they had to fly at night to avoid becoming easy prey for ground artillery, and therefore their bombing runs were not very accurate.

This Maxim IMG Zeppelin Gun definitely brought more firepower to the German zeppelins.

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Ever Seen a Hot Air Balloon Machine Gun? Now You Have [VIDEO]