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Ever Seen a Heart Shaped Spot On a Redfish? [PICS]

This was pretty unique for my first redfish.

He wasn’t a trophy redfish by any means, but he sure had some character. I might add that it was the biggest fish caught during our trip… not bragging or anything.


My dad and two brothers were down in Rockport, Texas for a quick two day bay fishing excursion. The weather didn’t quite cooperate for us, but we had an amazing time regardless, and didn’t come out empty handed.

Going out on the boat before daybreak and seeing the dolphins swimming beside us was something I will never forget. During the two days we were able to fish we each caught a handful of reds, but this particular fish stood out among the others.

For one, he was the biggest we had caught so far (I might have mentioned that), and secondly… he had a perfect heart shaped spot.

I thought it was pretty cool, and our fishing guide that took us out said that in all her years she had never seen a perfectly shaped heart such as this.


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We have another trip planned this fall and I am eager to see what interesting shapes might be on some of the Reds we catch…

Stay tuned!

Share your experiences with us at Wide Open Spaces!  Have you ever caught anything unique??

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Ever Seen a Heart Shaped Spot On a Redfish? [PICS]