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Have You Ever Seen Dogs Tree a Mountain Lion? [VIDEO]

It's just like treeing a raccoon... except it's a mountain lion.

In an effort to better understand their behavior and movements, researchers have put tracking collars on several of Colorado's mountain lions.

How, exactly, did the manage that in the first place? They use the help of some well-trained dogs.

Boulder, Colorado and surrounding towns have experienced quite a rise in mountain lion sightings, including one tragic incident involving someone's pet dog.

I have to admit, I have a hard time seeing a 120-pound mountain lion being afraid of a 30-pound beagle, but the process seems to work fairly well.

These dogs are trained specifically to pick up the scent of mountain lion, chase and tree them just like they would a raccoon. Researchers can then shoot a tranquilizer into the treed cat to sedate it and attach its tracking collar.

The same approach has to be taken when the lion's tracking collar runs low on battery life.

It's (somewhat) comforting that this particular mountain lion's collar pings during the lowest points of human activity during the day/night, but that didn't stop one from making Spot its next meal.

Let's hope they can catch AF126 and get her a fully-charged collar soon.

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Have You Ever Seen Dogs Tree a Mountain Lion? [VIDEO]