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Have You Ever Seen a Deer Eat a Bird? [VIDEO]

Image via Screenshot

Have you ever seen a deer eat a bird? Well here’s your chance, check out this deer munching down on a blackbird caught on video.

Usually when we think of deer we think of them grazing in a field, or eating corn or apples, but never once have I imagined I would see a deer eat a bird.

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But apparently they do; check it out!

I’m not sure what made this deer decide to dine on a blackbird, but he seems to be enjoying his dinner. It appears to be a domesticated or kept deer; hopefully that’s not what his owners decided to feed him for dinner.

While it is not something I can explain, it is something to remember in the future as I see deer, either while hunting or when looking back at hunting footage, to see if any behavior like this pops up in the deer I hunt.

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Have You Ever Seen a Deer Eat a Bird? [VIDEO]