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Have You Ever Seen an Albino Wallaby? [VIDEO]

Telegraph UK

A pure white wallaby, a native Australian animal, was spotted in the United Kingdom.

As if it wasn't unlikely enough to see an animal native to Australia in England, seeing an albino one has to be even rarer!

The pure white, pink-eyed animal was spotted last Friday in North Hampshire U.K. In another unlikely turn of events, it happened to be a woman originally from Australia that captured the images of the albino wallaby in Salcey Forest.

Caroline Phillips, 41, told reporters one of her friends was out riding her horse when she spotted what she called a "white kangaroo."

Phillips was doubtful of her friend's claims, but decided to go check it out anyway. "Needless to say, I had thought she was obviously mistaken or crazy so I thought I'd humor her and go back with her to see the mysterious creature," Phillips told reporters.

But she soon found out her friend wasn't telling a tall tale, as it didn't take them long to spot the mysterious animal out in a field.

"We walked toward it and when we got close enough we could see it was an animal of some sort, I still didn't think I was going to find a kangaroo," Phillips told reporters.

It then began hopping away, luckily while Phillips had her camera rolling. They ended up watching the animal for almost a half-hour.

"It was extremely bizarre especially with me being Australian," Phillips told the South West News Service. "We all thought it was very surreal but felt so privileged as well."

While a wallaby is not native to the U.K., rumors of small populations of the animals living in rural areas have persisted for years.

Whatever the case may be, Phillips and her friend had an experience they likely won't soon forget.

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Have You Ever Seen an Albino Wallaby? [VIDEO]