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Ever See a Tommy Gun Shoot a 100-Round Drum? [VIDEO]

This 1928A1 Thompson Submachine gun is rocking and rolling with this high-capacity drum.

The 1928A1 Thompson Submachine gun is a powerful ally firing the .45 caliber bullet from the usual 30-round or 50-round magazines. Why not try a 100-round drum magazine instead?

This rare 100-round capacity Thompson magazine is given some gun range exercise.

This rare 100-round Thompson drum magazine was made by Colt in 1921 and it is one of a few that has survived the years. This beastly magazine is heavy and is hard to load.

It turns the affectionately named Tommy Gun into a 100-round .45 caliber tactical heavyweight. It's safe to figure this is the George Foreman of the submachine gun world.

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Ever See a Tommy Gun Shoot a 100-Round Drum? [VIDEO]