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Ever See a Stingray Eat a Fish… ON LAND? [VIDEO]

Right when you think you’ve seen it all, a stingray will come right out of the water to eat your fish.

In a scene right out of a science fiction movie, this stingray has decided that it wanted this fish bad enough to come right out of the water and get it!

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This is unreal.


According to the YouTube user, this was a result of a “Helifishing” adventure. This is a method that takes fishermen to remote areas that can only be accessed by a helicopter.

Apparently, the crew was fishing when this stingray took an interest in their catch. It wouldn’t be the first time that a fisherman ever had their catch chased to the boat, but this stingray followed it right up and onto the shore!

Okay, maybe that fisherman helped things along a little, but you wanted to see that stingray eat that fish didn’t you?

Yeah, me too.

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Ever See a Stingray Eat a Fish… ON LAND? [VIDEO]