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Ever See a Lady’s Home Companion .45/70 Pistol? [VIDEO]

The Cobray Lady’s Home Companion drum-fed pistol is immense.

Firing the giant .45/70 cartridge produces bear-stopping power.

Watch this video and learn more about the forgotten Lady’s Home Companion.

Cobray gun company came up with a 12 shot .45/70 caliber pistol. It fired from fixed drum magazine. It was called the Lady’s Home Companion.

Surprisingly this robust and huge “pistol” never caught on. We are pretty sure it was not the favorite for home defense for the female defenders also with the hard kicking .45/70 rifle caliber in a bulky package.

This smaller sister of the Street Sweeper 12 gauge shotgun had very bad retail success. It succumbed to obscurity.

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Ever See a Lady’s Home Companion .45/70 Pistol? [VIDEO]