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Ever See a Hi-Point Pistol Converted to 10mm? [VIDEO]

A Hi-Point pistol chambered in 10mm? Is that even possible?

Will this cheap pistol hold together with such high pressure?

These guys custom-chambered a Hi-Point pistol to find out if it will actually work.

Hi-Point pistols are low priced and seem very practical to the frugal pistol buyer. Some shooters would not even touch one.

What happens when a Hi-Point pistols is chambered for the hot 10mm cartridge?

Will the gun explode? Will it even function? What accuracy if any can come out of this experiment.

Surprisingly, the experimental 10mm Hi-Point pistol worked flawlessly. It also digested hot loads without even a hiccup. Accuracy was of combat standard, easily.

Hi-Point does not chamber their pistols for 10mm at this time. Maybe they should?

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Ever See a Hi-Point Pistol Converted to 10mm? [VIDEO]