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Ever See a Guy Hunt Hogs in a Hole?


You haven’t seen anything until you watch a guy poke a long stick into a hole to do some hog hunting.

You say you’ve seen it all, eh? Now sit back and watch the method to somebody else’s madness.

Witness a hog hunt, dogs included, that begins in a hole in the ground. Woodchucks are one thing, but how these big fat critters got in there will only be one of your questions.

Okay, relax they’re probably some kind of wild boar, but for our purposes here: a hog is a hog. Using dogs to hunt boars or hogs or some kind of wild swine has been done for generations.

Fill your freezer any way you want, just so that a few less of those invasive, breed-like-a-rat pigs are left to eat everything in sight.


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Ever See a Guy Hunt Hogs in a Hole?