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A T-Rex Firing an AK-47? We Wouldn’t Lie to You

Right when you thought the firing range couldn’t be any more fun, here comes a guy with an AK-47 in a T-rex suit.

When you need to give your shooting practice a kick in the pants maybe what you really need is a new pair of pants. Get into the groove with some old-school metal music and a tactical T-rex.

Here’s a look at what we would be up against if the dinosaurs still roamed the earth.

A little old Metallica never hurt a good shooting video. Thanks to the Civilian War College Facebook page for posting this smile-of-the-day video.

Now we know that the “T” in T-rex really stands for tactical! I just want to know one thing: did that T-rex wiggle his butt at the end?

This is all in fun and very amusing, but make sure you take all the normal precautions necessary for your firing range session. A costume like this is not exactly regulation gear, and you don’t want to stumble and trip with a loaded weapon.

Be safe out there!



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A T-Rex Firing an AK-47? We Wouldn’t Lie to You