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Ever Heard of a Fish Spa Pedicure? [VIDEO]

Fish spa pedicures are all the rage now. Put your feet in the water today and try on a pair of living shoes.

In places like Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia you can have a tub full of fish swarm your feet and clean them of dead skin and debris. By the looks of it, it’s alternately exotic, ticklish, and kind of creepy.

Leave it to humans to try this!

If you haven’t heard of this you can see what it looks like right here:

Doctor fish is another name for the garra rufa. Fish spa pedicure involves placing the feet into a pool filled with sometimes thousands of doctor fish. Within a very short amount of time, the tiny toothless fish will swarm the feet and nibble away at dead skin and tissue.

The downside is that, with such popularity, some risk has evolved in the way of lack of hygienic standards coupled with infection. If spas are not maintained for water quality, someone desiring a fish spa pedicure could unintentionally spread infection.

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Ever Heard of a Fish Spa Pedicure? [VIDEO]