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Ever Heard a Deer Make this Sound? [VIDEO]

These deer sound more like goats!

Visitors at the Animaland Zoological Park in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania got quite the laugh when these Axis deer started barking at each other like dogs.

… or whatever it is they were doing.

You decide. All we know is that’s pretty hilarious.


What in the world was that?

I’ve hunted Axis deer in the wild, and encountered a large number of them on several occasions, but never once have I heard them get vocal like this. They sounded like a bunch of angry donkeys arguing over who’s the biggest jackass.

Whatever it was they were doing, it made us laugh.

Imagine walking in the dark to your hunting spot and all the sudden you hear something like this. It might make you scratch your head and wonder what’s out there…

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Ever Heard a Deer Make this Sound? [VIDEO]