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Ever Had a Grouse Land on Your Gun Barrel?

When you’re deer hunting, all you see is grouse…

Or so the saying goes. Well, this grouse took it a step further.

This Minnesotan hunter was in the deer stand for firearms season when he received an unlikely visitor. You won’t believe the video below.

Apparently the saying is true. If you were out in the grouse woods with a shotgun, you know you’d only see deer. Or at least you would never have a grouse land on your gun barrel!

I think the term “bird-brained” might not be all it’s meant to be. When you’re with your upland bird dog, you should have the deck stacked in your favor. And yet, we all still have days when the grouse just have the upper hand.

As further proof, when you’re sitting in the deer stand with not a shotgun in sight, this kind of thing happens. They’re just taunting us! I personally had eight grouse walking around my deer stand this year. At once. It’s enough to drive a person crazy.

Although according to the Ruffed Grouse Society, many grouse in Minnesota’s wilderness areas and further west are tame enough to be killed with a canoe paddle. If they haven’t experienced hunters, they have no reason to fear them and in fact even seem curious.

Any way you slice it, this deer hunter was pretty lucky to witness this.

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Ever Had a Grouse Land on Your Gun Barrel?