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Ever Gone Surfing with a Shark? This Guy Did

While surfing at Bondi beach in Sydney, Australia, this surfer had an unexpected visitor hitch a ride on his board.

Last Tuesday, Dean Norburn was out catching some morning waves with a friend. While paddling to stay on the breaking waves in choppy conditions, Norburn saw something rush him and jump onto his surfboard.

The experienced surfer, who surfs the waters of Bondi beach almost daily, said, “I’ve looked down. Originally I thought it was a seal but it wasn’t. It was a shark.”

He went on to say, “Obviously I screamed a little bit. The shark jumped off my board, swam off in the other direction and swam under my mate.”

Lifeguards and the friend that Norburn was surfing with estimated the shark to be about two meters long.

Norburn said that he had seen sharks in the area from a distance, but “never that close.”

Luckily, everyone came out of the experienced unscathed and Norburn says he’ll continue surfing at Bondi beach despite his close encounter.

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Ever Gone Surfing with a Shark? This Guy Did