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Ever Considered Using Trekking Poles?

Ohuhu trekking poles
Chris Buckner

Anyone who spends any amount of time in the woods should really consider looking into using poles. Thanks to Ohuhu trekking poles, you can do so without breaking the bank.

For some reason or another, I find that most outdoorsmen who hunt have never considered using trekking poles. People who got their start in the woods by hiking and camping more often make use of them. Why shouldn’t hunters?

I have to admit that for a long time I was part of the former group. Only recently have I fully embraced trekking poles while out in the woods and I’ve been absolutely amazed at what a difference they can make.

I was lucky enough to get a pair of Ohuhu trekking poles to test, and at $27.99 there is no reason for every outdoorsman not to own a pair. They are well designed and made out of 7075 aluminum so they are extremely lightweight, while still maintaining their strength.

Before testing out the Ohuhu trekking poles I had no idea how much effort and energy I was exerting while hiking over uneven terrain. The amount of focus it takes to find stable footing and balance as you hike over rough terrain, especially if you are carrying a pack, is almost unbelievable. This exertion is decreased dramatically when you are using trekking poles.

Ohuhu trekking poles

The Ohuhu trekking poles only weigh half a pound and shrink down to 22 inches when not in use. This makes them super easy to transport and they are extended to full length in no time. The poles also have a built-in anti-shock mechanism, which makes the whole journey easier on your arms and wrists. Anti-shock mechanisms also allow the poles themselves to take the abuse of the walk instead of your body.

While hiking with my Ohuhu trekking poles I was not only able to walk with much less effort, I was able to walk much quieter, faster, and farther. The poles had a much larger impact on my hiking than I ever imagined they could and I would strongly advise anyone planning to spend time hiking to invest in a pair.


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Ever Considered Using Trekking Poles?