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This Evening Hunt Shows Some Great Late Season Turkey Tactics

Harold Knight and David Hale demonstrate some late season turkey tactics they've learned in their long hunting careers.

Late season turkey hunting can be frustrating. The easy turkeys have been picked off and the birds that remain are hunter-wise and have most likely been called to and hunted throughout the early season, but it's not impossible to kill one of these extra wary longbeards.

Watch the video to Harold and David get it done on a late season turkey.

Here's some keys that helped make this late season turkey hunt successful. First, the Knight and Hale boys hunted the bird in the evening when less dedicated hunters are bass fishing or mowing their lawns. Hit a gobbler at a time when he's not accustomed to being hunted and he might come running down your gun barrel.

Second, the hunters exhibited patience. We all enjoy calling in lovesick opening day two year olds that gobble their way to the gun, but late season turkeys are often tight lipped. If you know a gobbler's likely location, you might be able to wait him out and fill your tag.

Finally, David called up a hen that had responded to his calls and she happened to have a gobbler tagging along. If a hen responds to your calling, reply in a similar manner with more feeling. Just be careful, that hen you hear could be another hunter.

Late season turkey hunting can be tough, but it sure beats mowing the lawn. Get out there and try your luck, you never know what might happen.


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This Evening Hunt Shows Some Great Late Season Turkey Tactics