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Even This Little Raccoon Doesn’t Like All This Rain [VIDEO]

Most older animals are veterans at dealing with the rain, but sometimes the younger ones must find alternative solutions to staying dry.

Older animals come to know how most seasons will go. Younger animals that haven’t been around long enough to know how to handle weather like torrential rain must come up with their own ways of protecting themselves.

This video sent into a Topeka, Kansas news station, KSNT, shows some of the extents these little animals will go to just to try and get out of all this unusual rainfall most of the country is dealing with.

Hopefully this little raccoon has learned himself a valuable lesson about having a good home built for next year. Then maybe he will be curled up, warm, and dry in a rotted out hole of an old tree instead of shivering under a small umbrella atop a mailbox.

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Even This Little Raccoon Doesn’t Like All This Rain [VIDEO]