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Even Fishing Aliens Know It’s All About the Lure [VIDEO]

fishing aliens

These fishing aliens know what all good fishermen and women know: You need the right bait.

Here’s a great throwback Budweiser beer commercial. It features two strange aliens, named Iktoo and Zorak, doing what we all want to do. They’re out fishing, relaxing and enjoying the day.

Kick back and watch this blast from the past, courtesy of Budweiser.

The phrase, “They’re really biting today,” never had such a fun meaning!

Leave it to some ad guys who get to sit around and think these things up all day. They hit it out of the park with this one and gave every fisherman and woman out there a reason to smile.

As silly as this is, if a cold beer suddenly showed up next to me on a warm summer day, I’d grab it too.

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Even Fishing Aliens Know It’s All About the Lure [VIDEO]