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Eva Shockey Tags Giant Yukon Moose [PICS]

All photos via Eva Shockey/Facebook

No matter where you hunt, this Yukon moose is huge. 

If you ever have the chance to go on a trip to hunt for Yukon moose, take it. That is exactly the opportunity that faced Eva Shockey, and she tagged out in a big way.

As seen on her Facebook page from where she posted all these photos, it looked like good trip.


Shockey captioned the above photo by writing, “How cool is this!!?! Young bull moose standing broadside at 40 yards!!!!

Then, Shockey went and blew up the Internet, at least on the hunting side of things, when she posted the photo below.


In very fitting fashion, Shockey wrote,

TAGGED OUT IN THE YUKON!!!! Finally got a photo of my monster moose from my hunt last week. How amazing is this!?!? So proud to be a hunter!!!!

…And proud she should be. That is one amazing Yukon moose and an accomplishment that any hunter would be proud to have.

It is well known that Shockey also loves to eat moose, along with other game animals. She even served moose that she shot at her wedding.

She isn’t in it just for pictures, but for everything that hunting brings with it. Including a full freezer!

If you are like me, it’s nice to see somebody who represents all that is right in the hunting industry succeed.

Congrats, Eva! That is one incredible moose!

All photos via Eva Shockey/Facebook

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Eva Shockey Tags Giant Yukon Moose [PICS]