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Eva Shockey on How Hunting Brings Her Family Together


Eva Shockey sits down and gives some insight on what motivates her to hunt.

Get a real sense of how important hunting is to Eva Shockey and her family in this FOX news interview.

Some great replies on why hunting is so important in bringing families closer together. Eva Shockey is rapidly becoming one of the leading spokespersons for hunting and the outdoor industry and it is easy to see why in this engaging interview with FOX. Eva discusses the importance of hunting as a lifestyle, and provides a well thought-out rebuttal to those who would see it stopped as a way of life.

That is one eloquent outdoorsperson and there is no doubt why such outdoor moguls as Under Armour have engaged Eva Shockey as a representative of their brand. In this case, the apple does not fall far from the tree, and in the most positive sense. Jim Shockey has clearly passed on his love of the outdoors to his daughter and ensures that they will continue to be a leading name in the hunting industry for years to come.

I have always enjoyed watching Jim Shockey’s hunting shows and his daughter has also taken the reigns as a leading figure.



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Eva Shockey on How Hunting Brings Her Family Together