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Eva Shockey Hits the Spa While Hunting in Namibia

When Eva Shockey goes on a hunting trip to Namibia, it’s not all about shooting critters.

Watch as Eva Shockey takes a break from her Namibian hunt for a relaxing day at the spa complete with a massage, a manicure and pedicure, and a deluxe high refining facial. What kind of a hunt is this?

Jim Shockey is known for his physically and mentally demanding hunts in far flung corners of the globe where toughness is an essential element for success and even survival. Apparently, Eva Shockey has a little bit different style when it comes to her hunts.

Eva even mentions in the clip that her dad may not be to happy about her trip to the spa. Well Jim, get over it. What’s done is done and girls will be girls, even if they are on an African hunting trip.

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Eva Shockey Hits the Spa While Hunting in Namibia